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Life is full of changes.  Constantly evolving...

My focus will be three pronged.  Running, back to simplicity of life, and work.  A brief summary....


Running has always been a very integral and vital part of my life.  But it has not been the focus that I would of wanted it in the last few years.  I have given back through running most recently in 2015 with Masumi's American Cancer Society 72hr Park Circle Run.  And have purchased one way tickets many miles from home, only to challenge myself by running back.  But I haven't been as passionate.  It is my passion.

That has changed dramatically this year already.  With not only hitting the trails on a daily basis, but the planned October 28th AZT | FKT Attempt in just over 5 months.  And my first race in some time with Chase the Sun Ultra 12hr in my favorite city of Savannah.  This is only the beginning of many upcoming and regular adventures in and outside of the confines of sanctioned events.  A few more FKT attempts are already on the horizon for other trails than the AZT, but unannounced.

Chase the Sun Ultra 12hr (2014 logo shown here)

Simplicity of Life

I've am a big believer in simplicity of life.  Which I believe also incorporates minimalism.  I've never needed much other than my running/outdoor gear, a few pair of sandals (including my Luna's and Reef's), custom commuter cycle, coffee, and good music.  I am going back to those roots.  I am at my happiest keeping life.simple.  I've never needed all the many other material things that most need to be happy.


I won't get in depth here.  Only to say that I have found home with a great company in Whole Foods Market.  It's a focus for the obvious...that you need income to keep a roof over your head and so on.  But it is also a focus as I have always given 110% to my employer.  And being in the Hospitality industry all these years as a Manager, Wine DIrector, Waiter, Bartender, and so was a natural transition.  With a company that has been listed as a Top 100 Fortune Magazine place to work for every year the list has been out.  A culture unparallel.  I hope to be with the company for many years to come.

Stay tuned...

Ima Wo Ikiru...Masumi

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