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I keep it simple.  With a multi-vitamin in addition.  As you can see below…it isn’t complicated.  Doesn’t need to be.

Although much of the nutrition and supplements below have many benefits outside of what I may detail, this is a breakdown of how I use them as an athlete and human.  After all, I am human.

What works for me, may not work for you.  My hope is that you will take something from this, just as I do from others.  It’s constantly evolving into a more refined approach.

Some of my consumption may vary dependent on level of activity or how the nutrients are taken in (supplement vs. food).  I look at this as a framework.


Utilized daily whether active or not
My daily consumption may differ from yours.
  • My daily consumption | 2,000mg+
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Aids in reducing inflammation.  Thus aiding in recovery.  This can also help with muscle soreness.
  • Improves the performance of your lungs by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Other benefits include:   Eye health, brain health, reduce risk factors for heart disease, reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, fight autoimmune diseases, improve mental disorders, may help prevent cancers, may reduce asthma in children, can help reduce fat in your liver, may improve bone and joint health, may improve sleep, help with menstrual pain, is good for skin, and the list go’s on.

Additional notes:  Mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, herring, oysters, sardines, anchovies, caviar, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and soybeans are a few items high in omega 3’s.

  • My daily consumption | 8-10mg
  • Eliminates fatigue.
  • Critical component of hemoglobin and myoglobin, the two main proteins in charge of delivering oxygen to the body.  Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells, and facilitates the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues. Myoglobin resides within muscle cells, and is responsible for intra-cellular O2 transport and temporary oxygen storage.

Other benefits include:   Increased brain function, treats restless leg syndrome, regulates body temperature, treats anemia, neurotransmitter nm ynthesis

Additional notes:  Too much iron can cause upset stomach and constipation.

Shellfish, spinach, liver and other organ meats, legumes, red meat, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, turkey, broccoli, tofu, and dark chocolate are some sources of iron.

  • My daily consumption | 2,000mg+ (via 500mg-1000mg doses throughout the day)
  • Necessary for the production of nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels to relax.  Making it easier for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells that need it.  Increasing metabolic function (endurance).
  • Increased resistance to fatigue.

Other benefits include: Promotes healthy weight loss, anti-aging properties, blood glucose control, speeds up healing of wounds, prevents hair loss, aids with erectile dysfunction, and boosts immune system health.

Additional notes:  Some foods high in L-arginine are turkey breast, chicken breast, lean pork loin, pumkin seeds, edamame, walnuts, and lentils.

  • My daily consumption | 480mg+/24mg+ rosavins (total for entire day via 2 to 3 doses)
  • Increased metabolism and stimulating greater circulation of blood and oxygen within the body.
  • Boosts cognition

Other benefits include: Relieves depression, aids weight loss, protects heart health, strengthen immune system, and better sex health.

Additional notes: Look for it to be sourced from Siberia.  As the stress on the plant increases active ingredient.

  • My daily consumption | 1000mg
  • Strong bones.
  • Vital role in muscle contraction and relaxation. Without it, your muscles cannot function properly. Each time a muscle is about to contract, calcium is pumped into the muscle fiber, enabling it to shorten. When the muscle relaxes, calcium is pumped out of the fiber, which can then return to its resting state.  This process occurs repeatedly every time your muscles contract and relax, so having sufficient calcium in your body is critically important. A calcium deficiency will cause your muscles to suffer from unexpected twitching, cramps and fatigue, all of which degrade your performance.

Other benefits include: Weight loss, prevents colon cancer, reduces premenstrual depression, prevents kidney stones, controls alkaline ph levels, and regulates blood pressure.

Additonal notes: Some food sources include seeds (poppy, chia, sesame, and celery), cheese, yogurt, canned sardines/salmon (due to bones), beans/lentils, almonds, whey protein, leafy veggies (collard, spinach, and kale).

  • My daily consumption | 500mg (can vary depending on how much activity.  As you sweat it out easily.)
  • Muscle recovery
  • Reduces muscle cramps.
  • Balancing hormones.
  • Aids in helping your body metabolize carbs, but it also affects hormones that are in charge of blood glucose levels. Taking in enough magnesium will indeed aid your muscle building progress, but it will also make you lean.
  • Muscle explosiveness.

Other benefits include: Relieves constipation, prevents eclamptic seizures, treats psychiatric disorders, prevents asthma, boosts energy, controls migraines, controls diabetes, produces collagen, promotes mineral absorption, and controls bladder functions.

Additonal notes: Some food sources include dark chocolate, avocados, nuts (almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts especially), legumes, tofu, seeds (flax, pumpkin, and chia are high), whole grains, fish (salmon, mackerel, and halibut are high), bananas, and leafy greens (especially kale, spinach, colards, turnip, and mustard)

  • My daily consumption | 25mg
  • Raises the levels of three important anabolic hormones in the body: testosterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and growth hormone (GH).  Decreasing recovery time.
  • Antioxidant
  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity.  Binds to insulin to allow proper storage in, and optimal release from, the pancreas in response to blood glucose levels.
    Found in the enzymes necessary for the proper binding of insulin to muscle cells during the uptake of glucose. This is what is referred to as “insulin sensitivity”. With decreased insulin sensitivity, insulin has a decreased ability to bind to muscle cells, and therefore glucose is not taken up my muscle cells as efficiently.

Other benefits include: Relieves eczema, prevents prostate disorder, improves cognitive function, improves sense of taste and smell, boosts weight loss, prevents cancer, relieves chronic fatigue, helps reduce night blindness, and controls bone loss.

Additonal notes: Some food sources include red meat, shellfish, legumes, seeds (hemp, squash, pumpkin, and sesame), nuts (pine nuts, cashews, and almonds especially), cheese/milk, eggs, whole grains (quinoa, rice, and oats), potatoes, and dark chocolate.

  • My daily consumption | 2000mg
  • Cordyceps are thought to increase the body’s production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essential for delivering energy to the muscles.May boost VO2 max.  Improving the way that your body uses oxygen.
  • Fights inflammation.

Other benefits include: Anti-aging, anti- tumor, manage type2 diabetes. heart health.


Utilized while active. My daily consumption may differ from yours.

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Extreme Link

  • Consumption | 1-2 per hour
  • 1 capsule (supplement facts) | sodium 120mg, chloride 180mg, calcium 40mg, magnesium 20mg, potassium 75mg, maganese 0.2mg

Full-Spectrum Electrolyte Profile

Sodium – Sourced from salt, which is comprised of 40% sodium.Chloride – Sourced from salt, which is comprised of 60% chloride.

Calcium – Supplied in the “as chelate” form, meaning it’s calcium bonded to one or more amino acids, usually glycinate (glycine) or asparate (aspartic acid).

Magnesium – Included in the “as chelate” form, it is magnesium bonded to one or more amino acids. These forms are used for maximal absorbability.

Potassium – Included in the citrate form, it is bonded to citric acid for maximal availability.

Manganese – This trace mineral is necessary for optimal muscle cell enzyme reactions and for the conversion of fatty acids and protein into energy.

Ginger Root –A natural anti-inflammatory and digestive aid.

Speednut with Caffeine

  • Consumption | Varied
  • 1 packet | 250 calories, 50mg caffeine, 6mg sodium, 86mg postassium.
  • Ingredients | Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, basmati rice, maple syrup, organic banana, coconut oil, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut butter, sunflower lecithin, cocoa, citric acid, caffeine, mint, cinnamon.

Long Haul

  • Consumption | Vairied
  • 1 packet | 110 calories, sodium 110mg, potassium 100mg
  • Ingredients | Rice, organic banana, peanut butter, organic honey, molasses, orange juice oil, lecithin, chia seeds, vitamin c, citric acid, sea salt.
  • Consumption | Varied
  • 200mg
  • Consumption | Varied
  • American ginseng preferred.
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