Trusted Gear & Nutrition

What I trust for my adventures. These are products that I regularly use. Companies listed below are all being utilized currently. With some of these companies it's a few of their products. While some like Luna Sandals, Altra, and Ultimate Direction it's quite a few. Although from time to time I have been given some products to test and use, if I don't trust and continue to use them...they are not listed. I don't need handouts. I need reliable gear and nutrition for my adventures. And so should you.

2019 Black Canyon 100k
Mike McKnight, Masumi, and Zach Bitter
The "Window"
Window Peak | Esperero Trail | Santa Catalina Mountains
7 Falls, Sabino Canyon
Tucson, AZ
Arizona Trail Junction, Santa Catalina Mountains
Bear Canyon Trail | East Fork Trail | Sycamore Reservoir Trail
Arizona Trail, Santa Catalina Mountains
Winderness of Rocks Descent
Ventana Trail Vista
Santa Catalina Mountains
Phoneline Trail, Sabino Canyon
Tucson AZ
Phoneline Trail Wildflowers
Sabino Canyon | Tucson AZ
Rattlesnake Trail Wildflowers
Sabino Canyon, Tucson AZ


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