Trusted Gear & Nutrition

All of the “trusted gear & nutrition” listed below is currently active.  Past gear has been omitted.
Any  individual gear that is currently offered on the respective companies website is linked.   If it isn’t linked, it is likely discontinued.  But even discontinued items can be found on other sites, and quite likely on sale via Ebay, Amazon, and other websites.
(updated 5/29/2019)
Reviews coming in time for many of the products that I use.  But if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.  I will respond as soon as I am able.  And if you’re a company that would like to send me something to test…please reach out to me at the email link below.

Mono “Winged Edition” (road/trail)

Oso Flacco (trail)

Leadville Pacer ( trail)

Verenado 2.0 (road)

Superior 4 (trail)

Escalante Racer (road)

Vanish XC (trail)

Baro 9 (multi-sport gps watch)

Ultra Vest 4.0

Fastpack 20

Fastpack 25

Jurek Essential (belt)

Utility Belt

Grip 600 (handheld)

EDC (handheld)

Mini Water Filtration System*

*Can filter up to 100,000 gallons.  You’ll lose it before you ever filter than many gallons.  And at about $25, it’s a steal that just “works”.  Period.  Sawyer does make other water filters for third world and other conditions beyond what you would need typically outdoors as well.  I do have some issue with the hard plastic bags that they use.  But the bags work.  I just think that a softer bag would work better.  Like Cnoc Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container or something similiar.  Plus the Cnoc bag holds more water to filter at once if you need to filter multiple bottles or a pack/vest bladder.

Better than Naked Short Sleeve

Better than Naked Split Shorts 3.5

RKT Shorts*

*An interesting running short.  It’s a split that comes in at 5in inseam.  But what makes it different is that it’s made with nylon.  Fastest drying shorts that I’ve ever owned.  Lightest (not usually a concern).  Developed in partnership with Rob Krar.  My favorite shorts have always been the TNF BTN 3.5 splits…but these have replaced them…for now.  I don’t know if TNF will continue to make them or not.  And I’ve never seen anyone else on the trails or at a race with them on.

InReach Explorer+ (satellite communication device)*

InReach Mini (satellite communication device)

*With 100hrs of battery life (dependent on settings), mapping, sos capability, text message satellite communication…it’s a must have in my opinion when you’re beyond cel coverage.  A mini option if you want a smaller version.  Bluetooths to phone if you want to use Earthmate App via phone or text via phone.

Pay by the month, or pay by the year.  Month is obvioiusly a bit more expensive.  Multiple plans that start off very reasonable.  Especially if you don’t plan to text much with it.  If you pay by the year, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan during that time.  Downgrading it cost some extra change.

Flip 10 (powerbank)

Venture 30 (powerbank)

Venture 70 (powerbank)

Nomad 20 (solar panel)

Aptin (shorts)

Zombie S (sunglasses)

Knoxville S (sunglasses)

HydraPak Stow (1L handheld)

Company where I purchase a good portion of my running nutrition.  They carry pretty much everything you could want.  Without the singular focus on just a few product brands.  Kinda like an “Amazon” for endurance nutrition.

Cordyceps (capsule | energy/stamina/endurance)